About Protego

Protego LLC helps patent owners connect with funding resources for meritorious patent infringement cases. We founded Protego after our experience as claimants looking for funds for our IP litigation cases. After spending months talking to different funding partners and brokers, we realized there is a need to help make the process more efficient.  There are many funders out there who charge vastly different fees/returns for their investments. Navigating through all the options can be very difficult for a patent owner new to the process.  We work with a funder who specializes in intellectual property cases.

We work with law firms that specialize in patent law and litigation. If you already have one or more patents, we can help you optimize those assets. We will connect you with a team of legal and business experts to help you commercialize your business and increase the strength of your patent portfolio. If you have identified others who are infringing on your patent, we can help you get funding and legal representation to protect your rights.

The team we work with are experts in patent prosecution, patent infringement litigation, patent monetization and business start-up funding. Contact us to see how we may be able to help. There is no charge for the initial consultation and no obligation.