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Protego can help you secure a partner to review your patents and provide guidance on how best to maximize the value of your technology.  

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We can help you monetize your patent assets either through the business consulting that we and our partners offer or through patent infringement litigation financing.

Our advisors can help you identify other technologies that should be included in your patent portfolio. A large patent portfolio may help to increase your company valuation.

If you are working to commercialize your idea, we can help you get funding you need to grow, help inform product development strategy and even facilitate acquisition when you are ready.

Our portfolio of patent attorneys and advisors can help you patent your idea to better protect your rights.

Our strategic approach helps to improve the odds that you have strong enforceable patents. Using attorneys that are familiar with patent litigation may be advantages as you are working on patent prosecution.

We can further consult with you to determine which companies are infringing and help you get the funding to fight them in court.

Let’s get started with just a conversation. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you protect your invention.

Our partners are also able to provide patent valuations, such as in the contexts of M&A, patent sale, cross-licensing, etc., and are able to evaluate patent portfolios.

If you have an idea and want to see if others have already thought of it, you can conduct research on your idea on the USPTO website. We can also help you with this.